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ID Wager Profit Multiplier Color Player Time

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Although we are funded by a double bankroll, we use the same simple provably fair scheme as MoneyPot, designed to be as easily machine-auditable as possible


At the start of every session, we give you a PlinkoPot Server Hash and MoneyPot Server Hash. Every bet made by your client will send both of these hashes to the PlinkoPot Server and only one of them will be used depending on the destination of the bet(processed and paid out internally by PlinkoPot OR sent to and paid out by MoneyPot)

We decide where to send the bet based on Kelly's Criterion. If the bet exceeds the max bet decided by the Kelly for our bankroll, the bet will be sent to MoneyPot. This is done to offer some users the chance to bet more than what is allowed by our bankroll.

Both the PlinkoPot Server Hash and MoneyPot Server Hash are SHA256 Hash generated from server seed + "|" + salt The seed and salt is still not revealed at this point

We do this to prove that we have committed to an outcome between 0 and 4294967296(inclusive). as the hash has a very important property and if we changed the outcome, the hash would be different, and you would know the results were tampered.


You make a bet by sending PlinkoPot Server Hash,MoneyPot Server Hash, a client seed, your wager and the color line you are betting on.

The bet will be processed by PlinkoPot's Server OR MP's Server and the raw outcome,server seed and salt will be revealed to the client. If the bet was processed by PlinkoPot's Server, the PlinkoPot Server Hash will be used. If the bet was processed by MoneyPot's Server, the MoneyPot Server Hash will be used.

You can then verify that the server hash has not be tempered with by generating a SHA256 hash from server seed + "|" + salt The next step is to verify that the raw outcome is correct. This can be done by checking that the raw outcome = (server seed + clientseed) % 4294967296

Converting raw outcome to final outcome(where the ball lands)

For more info on the maths behind plinko, please read the following wikipedia article.

For the total outcome of N = 17, the following payout range is used. Use the raw outcome from the previous step to see where the ball lands according to the table below

From(Inclusive) To(Not inclusive) Position from left
0 65,536 1
65,536 1,114,112 2
1,114,112 8,978,432 3
8,978,432 45,678,592 4
45,678,592 164,954,112 5
164,954,112 451,215,360 6
451,215,360 976,027,648 7
976,027,648 1,725,759,488 8
1,725,759,488 2,569,207,808 9
2,569,207,808 3,318,939,648 10
3,318,939,648 3,843,751,936 11
3,843,751,936 4,130,013,184 12
4,130,013,184 4,249,288,704 13
4,249,288,704 4,285,988,864 14
4,285,988,864 4,293,853,184 15
4,293,853,184 4,294,901,760 16
4,294,901,760 4,294,967,296 17

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